Are you looking for Rug yarn?

If you want yarn for rug tufting

Or hard-wearing yarn for crocheting bags and mats

Or weaving yarn

Or make kumihimo braids

Axminster Rug Yarn is perfect for all of these, and many other yarny crafts.

The Little Rug Yarn Company uses Airedale Yarn's supplier to bring you the same 80% wool, 20% nylon Axminster rug yarns in a wide range of bright and earthy shades.

Thicknesses do vary so if you aren't familiar with the yarn I suggest you start with a sample card so you can feel the texture and check the colours.

NEW! More White Rug Yarns in stock.

There is an advert on TV (for a mobile network I think) which pokes fun at someone selling white paint with names like "anaemic bone". I have some sympathy now as I look at some of the white-ish yarns lined up on the shelf. They all work as white, but somehow none of them are just White.

From left to right I bring you White String, Thin White, Cream 3 and Custard which is really pale yellow.

See all our yarns here

The Little Rug Yarn Company is quite new and still growing. Please use the Any Questions form if anything isn't clear or there are colours you would like.