Axminster Rug Yarn

You can buy yarn in 100g balls with no core and 250g on cardboard cones.

The 'Bright' range is specially dyed, the colours are repeatable and will match Airedale Yarns colours.

100g balls cost £4.60, 250g cones cost £9.90.

All other yarns are leftovers from commercial carpet making. They were dyed for a particular carpet pattern and may not be repeatable.

100g balls cost £3.60-£3.70, 250g cones cost £7.90-£8.10

Delivery is £4 on orders under £30. It should take 3-4 days but please allow a week.

Collection: Thick Rug Yarns

Our thickest rug yarns, approximately 8 or 9 wraps per inch.